Chick Ciccarelli is a senior-level executive with over 35 years experience in the ad business. His unique marketing strategies have often redefined the standards of advertising. He's re-thought the selling processes of everything from motion pictures to media space and helped brand hundreds of products, companies and individuals. Many of his campaigns captured number one market positions. While he has been involved in a wide variety of advertising roles and positions, he is most sought for his work as an Art Director and Web Developer.

Chick is currently the CEO of Chick Ciccarelli, Inc. and division WebWizards™ ( launching 08-01-11). Recently, Chick was the CEO and founder of MediaBuys, LLC (once the largest media buying club in the nation with over 1200+ buying members and 3750+ media selling members). In the MediaBuys Creative Services division, Chick served as the creative director for many major accounts and oversaw most of their national campaigns.

MediaBuys also worked on high profile projects with AFM Advertising such as Latin GRAMMY® Awards, the GRAMMY® Awards, EIF's GRAMMY® Jam, MusiCares®, the BFCA's Critics' Choice Awards®, the Sundance Film Festival®, RKO Distribution® and the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra®.

In late 2005, MediaBuys became the ad agency of record for the City of New Orleans to find sponsors for Mardi Gras after the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. With only 30 days before Mardi Gras season, Chick launched a national sponsor-seeking effort and signed Glad Products as the first sponsor in Mardi Gras' 150 year history to help the city generate badly needed revenue.

Chick's answer to social networks came by way of humor. He designed (orginally in 1995), which is a very unique community where members can buy and sell services in a fun, interactive entertainment environment. The latest version, representing the greediest people on earth was resurrected in late 2008. (A television game show related to the theme of the website is currently in the works).

Prior to his recent positions, Chick was President of ad agency, Chick, Inc. where he developed Editvu (a digital video delivery system used by companies such as ABC Daytime, Castlerock Entertainment, Disney Channel, Ogilvy and Sony Pictures) and where he created national and regional ad campaigns for over 35 accounts, including Media Distributors (capturing a number one market position).

As Vice President of Communications at L.A. Digital, Chick's marketing campaigns helped the company into another number one market position. Later, he authored the business plan and helped coordinate the multi-million dollar sale of the company.

As Vice President of Communications at Moviola, he helped the company resurrect it's 75 year old brand that had been laying dormant for 20 years, and captured a number one market position.

Chick also co-founded Theafilm Distribution Network. As Executive Vice President he created and developed the highly publicized 'flat-lease' motion picture distribution process, reviewing over 200 films from HBO, Showtime, Dino Delaurentis and other well-known film producers and production companies. During his tenure, he implemented the national theatrical trailer exhibition of "Wing Commander-IV" on 570 General Cinema screens, a first for the electronic gaming industry.

While as a Senior Art Director at Lewis Anthony Advertising (formerly Reeds Farris & Lewis), Chick helped capture a number one national market position for Custom Building Products and a number one International market position for WorldPortLA (The Port of Los Angeles).

Chick has won numerous national design awards in both print and web development and was honored by the Smithsonian Institute for his promotional contribution to the historical Voyager flight around the world. He is a member of the National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences.


City of New Orleans, Appreciation Proclamation (2006)
City of Los Angeles, Certificate of Appreciation (2005)
Who's Who World, Marketing (2004)
Who's Who of America, Marketing (2003, 2004)
EPpy Award Finalist, (2003)
U.S. Small Business Advisory Council Web Awards, (2001, 2002)
Macromedia Site of the Day-Configurator (2000)
Most Humorous Website, Hon Mention-L.A. Times (1995)
Certificate of Honor from Smithsonian Institute for Voyager Flight (1987)
Printing Industries of America Awards (6 total-1985, 1986, 1988)
Art Directors Club of Los Angeles (4 total-1987)
Business Professionals Advertising Association (2 total-1988)
American Institute of Graphic Arts Awards (4 total-1986, 1988, 1990, 1991)