This is a list of articles concerning high profile projects that Chick Ciccarelli has headed or was uniquely involved with.




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ABC News Best Hot Launches of 2008
Double Dares for Cash 00/00/00
Weekend: Men's Health Best Bet 11/01/08
God bless the internet
Greedy People Sought Far and Wide to Populate New Website 11/01/08
Limitless Ways To Shame Yourself 00/00/00
Musical Freestyle lets Dogs Cut Loose 00/00/00
WestWorld Going To The Dogs 00/00/00
Doggie Olympics Lure Athlete Animals 00/00/00
A Howling Good Time 00/00/00
Bruce Jenner To Host United States Dog Agility Association's 2007 Cynosport World Games 00/00/00
MediaBuys In Sponsorship Hunt for HBO PPV Wright/Hopkins Fight 06/25/07
Group Questions Cellphone Fund-Raising 04/11/07
New Orleans Seeks Text-Message Donations 02/16/09
New Orleans Seeks Mardi Gras Donations 02/16/09
Mardi Gras...Televised? 09/02/06
New Orleans Mayor Finds His Words Follow Him to New York 09/02/06
Small Businesses Help Boost Mardi Gras 00/00/00
Glad Products Dresses for Mardi Gras 00/00/00
Mardi Gras All Set to Go, but Officials Want Help 00/00/00
Glad Signs As Lead Sponsor For Mardi Gras 00/00/00
Glad Products Pitches in for Mardi Gras 00/00/00
Glad Products To Back, And Bag, Carnival In N.O. 00/00/00
As Mardi Gras Approaches, New Orleans Struggles With How To Celebrate 00/00/00
Dozens of Companies May Sponsor Mardi Gras 00/00/00

New Orleans Delays Demolition of Houses 00/00/00
New Orleans Seeking Sponsors for Mardi Gras 00/00/00
MediaBuys to Manage Mardi Gras Ad Campaign 00/00/00
Mardi Gras, For First Time, Seeks Corporate Sponsors 00/00/00
Hunt for Carnival sponsors revs up L.A. media firm to spearhead drive 00/00/00
New Orleans Seeks Corporate Sponsors For Mardi Gras 00/00/00 Debut Generates $7 million in Ad Space Requests 06/06/04
Mediabuys.Us Named Finalist In EPpy Awards 00/00/00
New Website Brings Buyers, Publications Together 00/00/00
Print Ad Sales Network For Trade Magazines... Online 00/00/00
Web Exchange For Media Buyers 00/00/00
Point and Click Media Buys 00/00/00
Worth Looking Into If You Are A Trade Publisher 09/24/02
Software Review: Quickbooks Online For Small Businesses 00/00/00
(Editvu-2002) 00/00/00
(Editvu-2002) 00/00/00
(Dailies Overview-Editvu-2002) 00/00/00
(By-line article: Digital Video-2001) 00/00/00
(Digital Video Overview-Editvu-2001) 00/00/00
(Dailies Overview-Editvu-2001) 05/01/01
(Project Feature-Editvu-2001) 05/01/01
(Project Snippet-Editvu-2001) 00/00/00
(Project Snippet-Editvu-2001) 00/00/00
(Editvu-2001) 00/00/00
(Editvu-2001) 00/00/00 Broadcast Engineering
(Editvu-2001) 00/00/00 Digital Post Production
(Editvu-2001) 00/00/00 Digital Producer
(Editvu-2001) 00/00/00 Digital Video Editing
Headline (Editvu-2001) DTV Professional
(Editvu-2001) 00/00/00 EditorsNet
(Configurator-LA Digital-2000) 00/00/00
(Configurator-LA Digital-2000) 00/00/00 Broadcast Engineering
(Configurator-LA Digital-2000) 00/00/00 Digital Post Production
(Configurator-LA Digital-2000) 00/00/00 Digital Producer
(Configurator-LA Digital-2000) 00/00/00 Digital Video Editing
(Configurator-LA Digital-2000) 00/00/00 DTV Professional
(Configurator-LA Digital-2000) 00/00/00 EditorsNet
System X Orbits With General Cinema On Wing Commander IV 01/15/96
Origin Sets Multi-Media Push For Commander 01/08/96
(James) Dean Bio's Got A Firm Foundation 01/01/95
Variety's Peter Bart Defense Letter To Feature Article 01/01/95
Losing The Middleman? Newcomer Theafilm Hopes To Bypass Traditional Film Distributors 11/01/94
Theafilm Names Its First Agency 10/24/94
EJ&L Wins Film Biz 00/00/94
Theafilm Inks To Distibute (James) Dean Pic 07/06/94
Theafilm Blazes Distribution Trails 05/27/94
WorldPort Cruise Center Opens 00/00/00
Worldport L.A. Gets A New Logo 00/00/00
Grand Adventure Ends In Triumph For Voyager Pilots 12/23/86
Clint Eastwood Runs For Mayor of Carmel 01/30/86
Headline 00/00/00 This Month On Cannery Row
Ciccarelli: Man, Myth or Hatrack 06/01/85
At 29, Ciccarelli Has Lived Three Lifetimes 05/01/85

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